Audrey Smoke Glasses

A statement glassware collection featuring a pearlescent smoke glass atop a clear stem, and finished with two gold rims. The Audrey Smoke glasses are ideal for sophisticated tablescapes where both colour and uniformity are essential. Please note, the beauty of the pearlescent finish is not captured in these studio photos so we recommend looking at our Instagram and Facebook pages for a real feel of the product.


Water/ Wine Glass
Wine Glass

Quantity Held

400 White
400 Flute
800 Red

Quantity Held is the maximum quantity at any one time. Subject to availability.


Red Wine £1.20 + VAT
White Wine £1.20 + VAT
Flute £1.30 + VAT

25% Wash Fee Applies

Please note that Our Audrey, Arianna, Ayla, Fiori and Versailles glassware are only hired out as a package alongside cutlery or charger plates.

A 20p + VAT supplement will be added for glassware only orders on this range.

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