Rental Terms & Conditions


  1. All goods remain the property of Duchess & Butler.
  2. The hirer assumes all responsibilities and liabilities for the goods for the period of hire. No insurance is provided by Duchess & Butler.
  3. For orders being collected from our premises, the hirer assumes all responsibilities and liabilities during loading in of the items and until they have been returned to us. Photo ID must be provided for collections.
  4. Unless otherwise agreed, the hire period for each item is three days. Extended hire charges will be applied to items not returned within the agreed time frame and will be charged on a pro rata basis. Hire charges are payable even if the items are returned unused.
  5. A non refundable deposit of 50% of the total value of the order will be required to secure hired items. Payment plus a refundable security deposit must be made before items are released to the hirer. All security deposits are to be made with BACS transfer only.
  6. Duchess & Butler can only accept BACS or CHAPS transfer as a form of payment. Please allow 3 working days for the transfer to clear. Unless otherwise agreed, all payments must be made in advance and must clear 10 working days prior to delivery.

Care of Hire Goods

  1. All items will be delivered clean and ready to use. Due to the delicate nature of all our collection and special cleaning methods required to maintain the integrity of our goods, it is imperative that our aftercare instructions are adhered to. ALL CUTLERY, AND DINNERWARE MUST BE RINSED AFTER USE WITH WARM WATER TO REMOVE FOOD RESIDUE. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD SCOURERS OR ABRASIVES BE USED ON ANY OF OUR ITEMS. CHARGER PLATES MUST BE WIPED CLEAR OF ANY FOOD SPILLS OR RESIDUE.
  2. Please note that gold cutlery left with food residue is partial to staining.
  3. Charger plates are for decorative purposes only and food should not be directly plated onto any of our chargers. Any spills or food residue on charger plates should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
  4. All packaging supplied provided with hire items should be stored by the client during the event and returned with the hired items. All items must be re-packed how they were delivered. Any damaged or lost packaging will be charged for.
  5. Breakages that occur in collection transit as a result of items not being re-packed correctly will be deducted from the security deposit. If the hirer, caterer or any other party involved in the event is unable to package the items carefully and securely, Duchess and Butler can provide this service at an additional fee subject to staff availability and notice.
  6. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the catering company and event staff are aware of the product after care instructions.
  7. Goods that are returned excessively dirty or require a deep clean will be treated with an appropriate wash programme and the charge will be passed on to the client. If the goods do not respond to this programme, the hirer will be charged the full replacement cost.
  8. The hirer will be notified of any missing items or damages as soon as possible. Damaged or non-returned stock will be invoiced at full replacement cost if not returned on agreed date. It is the hirer’s responsibility to return any stray items to us post event.
    Where the deposit it not sufficient to cover the replacement costs, the hirer is responsible for the balance.
  9. We reserve the right not to leave goods with the hirer if it is apparent that the aftercare conditions cannot be adhered to or the goods cannot be kept safely or securely.

Delivery & Collection

  1. Our standard deliveries and collections will take place any time between 9:30am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday. Delivery and collection outside these standard hours or timed deliveries and collections will incur additional charges. Duchess & Butler will endeavour, where possible to meet the delivery and collection times specified by the hirer. However we cannot accept responsibility for late delivery or collection due to any unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Our standard deliveries are based on one van and one driver to load and unload.
  3. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that their delivery/ collection arrangements and instructions are consistent with local parking restrictions. Any unloading/ loading to an area other than a specified loading bay which results in a parking fine is payable by the client.
  4. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that there is a site contact available to take delivery and oversee the collection of the goods. The hirer shall provide Duchess & Butler with the contact name and details of this person.
  5. The hirer warrants that the person signing the delivery note is authorised to do so and it is the signee’s responsibility to inspect the hired equipment and confirm that the order has been received in good condition. If there is no contact onsite or the contact cannot be located, our delivery/ collection note is final.
  6. Duchess & Butler must be notified immediately of any queries or issues relating to an order received. No consideration for redress will be given to dissatisfaction on items have been used.
  7. Deliveries are to ground floor entrance via a loading bay by one man only unless otherwise agreed.
  8. All hired items must be re-packed as found and moved to one location near to the loading entrance to the venue. We reserve you the right to charge you additionally if the driver has to move them from more than one location or transport them over different floors or rooms as this affects our delivery schedule. An additional charge may be imposed should the driver by delayed or detained at a venue whilst attempting a delivery or collection. Waiting or Re-packing charges are billed at £30+VAT per hour during standard delivery times.
  9. Where clients have opted for our ‘Butler service’ or Styling Service, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure there is sufficient time and access to the venue for set-up.

Changes & Cancellation

  1. The deposit is non-transferrable to other items; booked products will not be offered to other clients for same dates therefore the deposit cannot be reallocated to other stock items.
  2. Final numbers will be due four weeks prior to the event date. Numbers can be reduced but must not drop below 50% of each line item detailed in the order.
  3. Cancellation of booking or reduction in numbers within 3 weeks or less of the event date will result in 100% rental invoice fee.
  4. Changes to an order within 10 days of the delivery date will incur a £20+VAT fee per change.


  1. Duchess & Butler accepts no responsibility for any injuries or claims whilst using Duchess & Butler items or equipment.
  2. Duchess & Butler accepts no liability whatsoever for injury or damage to persons or property or loss of profit claimed by the hirer in respect of delays, inaccuracies, errors, omissions or any failure to deliver or from the use of any equipment under hire.
  3. In the unlikely event that the Products specified in the Rental Agreement is not available due to circumstances beyond our control, Duchess & Butler reserves the right to substitute items which are similar to such Products. Duchess & Butler shall use its best endeavours to notify the Customer prior to making any such substitution.
  4. Duchess & Butler cannot be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from delivering the items to your event. In the case that we cannot fulfil your hire due to circumstances beyond our control, our liability will be limited to refunding all the monies paid.