Baroque Dinnerware Collection

Inspired by the draperies of the most prestigious mansions of the 1700s, this white and gold dinnerware is refined as it is beautiful. Striking ornamental patterns decorate the border of the dinnerware which and create depth and texture when paired with any of our charger plates.


Dinner Plate – 27cm (Plating Area 17.5cm)
Starter/Salad/Dessert Plate – 23cm (Plating Area 14cm)
Bread/ Side Plate – 16.5cm (Plating Area 9.5cm)

Quantity Held

250 place settings for on a 3 course meal
based on the below configuration:

1 x Dinner Plate (used for starter course)
1 x Dinner Plate (used for main course)
1 x Dessert Plate (used for dessert course)

Quantity Held is the maximum quantity at any one time. Subject to availability.


Dinner Plate £1.65 + VAT (15 per Bundle)
Starter / Salad / Dessert Plate £1.45 + VAT (15 per Bundle)
Bread Plate £1.65 + VAT (10 per bundle)

20% Wash Fee Applies
All our dinnerware is rented in full bundles.

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