Etoile Black and Gold Dinnerware Collection

A beautiful black and white dinnerware set wth a soft curving edge in gold. Beautiful and bold, the black colour elevates the presentation of any plated dish . Mix and match with other Etoile colours for a really personalised look.


Charger Plate - 32cm
Dinner Plate – 26cm (Plating Area 18.5cm)
Starter/Salad/Dessert Plate – 21cm (Plating Area 15cm)
Bread/ Side Plate – 14.5cm (Plating Area 10cm)

Set up shows full stack including charger plate.

Quantity Held

200 place settings for on a 3 course meal
based on the below configuration:

1 x Dinner Plate (used for starter course)
1 x Dinner Plate (used for main course)
1 x Dessert Plate (used for dessert course)

Quantity Held is the maximum quantity at any one time. Subject to availability.


Dinner Plate £1.20 + VAT (15 per bundle)
Starter / Salad / Dessert Plate £1.10 + VAT ( 15 per bundle)
Bread Plate £1.00 + VAT (10 per bundle)

20% Wash Fee Applies
All our dinnerware is rented in full bundles.

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