Fiori Crystal Glasses

Fine crystal stemware with an intricate antique design. A delicate and sophisticated addition to any tablescape.


Water/ Wine Glass
Wine Glass
Champagne Saucer

Quantity Held

300 White
300 Flute
600 Red

Quantity Held is the maximum quantity at any one time. Subject to availability.


Water / Red Wine Glass £31.50 + VAT per crate of 15 ( £2.10 + VAT each)
White Wine Glass £50.40 + VAT per crate of 24 ( £2.10 + VAT each)
Champagne Flute £58.80 + VAT per crate of 28 ( £2.10 + VAT each)
Champagne Saucer £34.50 + VAT per crate of 15 ( £2.30 + VAT each)

25% Wash Fee Applies

Please note that all our glassware is hired out in their full crates.

Our Audrey, Arianna, Ayla, Fiori and Versailles glassware are only hired out as a package alongside cutlery or charger plates.

A 20p + VAT supplement will be added for glassware only orders on this range.

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