Mother of Pearl Cutlery

With it’s ornate silver finials and beautiful round mother of pearl handle, this cutlery range is both charming and subtly glamorous.


Dessert Fork, Dinner Fork, Butter Spatula, Dinner Knife, Dinner Spoon, Dessert Spoon,
Tea Spoon.

For a three course meal, each place setting is based on the below configuration:

1 x dinner knife (used as a starter knife)
1 x dinner knife (used as a main knife)
1 x dinner fork (used as a starter fork)
1 x dinner fork (used as a main fork)
1 x dessert fork
1 x dessert spoon

Quantity Held

500 x place settings

Quantity Held is the maximum quantity at any one time. Subject to availability.


£1.05 + VAT per item

20% wash fee applies.
Rented in Bundles of 10

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